Zoltán Kolláth, DSc – “The colour of the night sky: the effects of light pollution”

Zoltán Kolláth was born in Tiszafüred, Hungary in 1961. He graduated in physics and astronomy in 1986 and received his PhD in 1990. Since 2003 he is the Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (DSc). Between 1987 and 2016 he was a research fellow/advisor in the Konkoly Observatory and the deputy director of the Institute in the period of 2000-2005. Since 2013 He is a professor of physics at the Savaria University Center (formerly part of the University of West Hungary, now a campus of Eötvös Loránd University). Zoltán Kolláth’s main scientific fields include the modelling of stellar pulsations, dynamical systems, radiation transfer and studies related to light pollution and he played a crucial role in the development of international dark sky parks in Hungary.